"Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something."

Bum A Ride, You, and Fellow Backpackers Make Our Partnership a Win - Win - Win!

Bum A Ride is a new and exciting global transportation network started by backpackers for backpackers. We understand the value of contributions made by fellow adventurers.

Contact our team (feel free to attach a resume) if you enjoy volunteering and you have a skill set in one or more of the areas below. Include any pertinent information that will help us determine where your talents can best be utilized to support your backpackers' transportation network.

Volunteer Opportunities

App Development: Let's face it. Unless you have an app, no one takes you seriously these days. An app helps speed up connections. If you have experience in this area, we'd love to have you share your ideas about how you can join the efforts of enhancing what we feel is already a efficient way to travel from here to there - for FREE.

Social Media/ Blogging: Bum A Ride is all about connecting people and engaging in conversations about travel adventures. Social media and blogging are about sharing stories that educate, entertain, enlighten, and enrich each other. Beyond using social media and blogging to write about your personal adventures (and misadventures), we're looking for volunteers who want to use their social media addictions to write stories about great hostels, excellent hotels, community service projects, people and worthy causes/charities, backpacking tips, and of course, what backpackers enjoy most about the Bum A Ride experience.

IT Team: Our IT team is the engine that drives Bum A Ride and makes it work. We are constantly evolving and striving for progressive ways to improve our users' experience. If you have a skills set and creative flare in graphic designing, software development, web coding, or IT security, we would love to welcome you on board as a volunteer to work together to enhance the first global transportation network for backpackers.

Safety Team: The safety and security of our users matters most. We approach security concerns, aggressively, and we're building teams around the globe to handle unique security alerts and checks. If safety and security enhancement is your skill set, please volunteer to join our team!

Please Note

"Volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.""

Globetrotters that commit to a minimum number of hours of volunteering at Bum A Ride can obtain a Verified Volunteer Service Record to use to strengthen their resumes detailing their enhanced skill set acquired by their working with an innovative global transportation network.

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