How It Works

Put your mind at ease. Bum a Ride is very simple!

Simply log in and:

  • Enter your point of departure.
  • Indicate your intended dates of travel.
  • Note whether you are offering a ride to a fellow backpacker or requesting a ride.

You will then have the ability to contact other Bum A Ride members via a post, instant chat, email or by exchanging phone numbers.

Create Your Profile

Create Your Bum A Ride Profile. The more information that you provide about yourself, the better success you'll have using Bum A Ride. Be sure to specify if you are offering a ride or requesting a ride. Bum A Ride is completely free. However, a common practice in the Bum A Ride community is to show your appreciation and gratitude by offering to share half the driving time or by offering to pay for a portion of the gas - and often both (but neither are required because sometimes, backpackers really do need to Bum A Ride). Your adventure awaits you!

Travel Region

This system allows you to see all of the rides available around the world. If you don't find an exact match, don't worry. This is your perfect opportunity to find a ride that will bring you closer to your destination, or to request a ride. Then Bum A Ride from where you are dropped off or request a ride indicating your desired route and let another globetrotter find you. After reviewing all of the adventures that other backpackers have planned, you may even decide to change your plans altogether. Enjoy the journey!

Bum A Ride Tabs

Under the Bum A Ride tabs you can explore your travel options with all of the different users looking to find a ride, offering a ride, or requesting a ride.

  • Under the Find A Ride tab you can review all of the rides that other backpackers are offering within the Bum A Ride community.
  • Under the Offer A Ride tab you can list your location, describe your vehicle, indicate your preferences in the preference section, and respond to inquiries and requests for rides.
  • Under the Request A Ride tab you have all of the same options as under Offer A Ride and you are able to detail your travel itinerary. All users are able to interact on the Bum a Ride platform to discuss logistics, share information, and establish transportation arrangements once rides are agreed upon.
  • Do you and a Bum A Ride Buddy only want to split the cost of the fare for a taxi, shuttle, Uber ride, or a lift to your next couchsurfing host? You're in luck! Just register the required information. You will receive an email alert when other users that are traveling on the same itinerary as you select "Contact Passenger" and send you a private message. Once you receive an email notification, you will be able to discuss the detail of your trip with you new travel buddy and be on your way - for half the price by splitting the fare!
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