How do I get started?

As a Bum A Ride user simply click on the "Sign up with Facebook" button. Complete your Bum A Ride profile. The more information that you provide about yourself the more you increase the likelihood that you will be able to Bum A Ride. Indicate if you are offering a Ride or Requesting a Ride and complete the appropriate information. Click on the applicable tab to Find A Ride. You are able to see your trip details under the "My Trip" tab in your profile page. Once you have booked a trip you will receive an email confirmation, and when everything is set - grab your backpack and get going - what are you waiting for?!

  • Set up your profile
  • Find A Ride, Offer A Ride or Request A Ride
  • Browse listings and contact the backpackers with whom you are interested in sharing a ride

If I list a ride am I obligated to take anyone who requests a ride?

No, absolutely not. We recommend only riding with travelers that you trust. Spend a few minutes evaluating potential travel companion's preferences and profile. Do they have positive feedback? Do they use social media, and if so are they and are their friends weirdos? What type of music do they like i.e. Soft Rock, Punk Rock, or Techno etc.? Are they averse to smoking while you're unable to go 10 kilometers without lighting up?

These are all factors that you should certainly consider before determining if this backpacker is the best bum to ride with (pun intended). And, if you should decide after confirmation that the fit is not the best, feel free to cancel, but do try to give your fellow backpacker as much advanced notice as possible so that they can implement their back up plan.

What should I enter in the 'starting location' or 'ending location' fields?

Enter as much information as you can about your location. The search results will be more accurate if you include the exact address and street. Separate each piece of the address with a comma.

Full Address Example : 514 St, Bum A Ride, Dubai
Partial Address Example : Bum A Ride

How are the search results determined?

Our algorithms will calculate the distance that you will have to drive out of your way to pick up a passenger or vice versa. It also displays the results with the best match first. The search formula is able to find people along your route even if the other person isn't starting or ending in the same city.

How do I report a bad experience?

We know that most Bum A Ride experiences are amazing and usually result in the enlargement of your global transportation network, the creation of great lifetime memories and are even the catalyst of building enduring friendships. However, sometimes things just don't quite work out that way all of the time. We want to hear about those experiences as well. If you need to report a bad user, click the Safety Tips Link, then the Report These Bums link, and complete the page with as much detail as possible. Make sure to leave us your name, phone number, email, and as much information about the user as available that you are reporting. The more information that we have the easier it will be for us to conduct a thorough investigation. We will investigate all matters and contact you directly, if needed.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, click on the link You will see a "Delete Profile" link on the bottom of the Edit Profile page. Click on "Delete Profile," confirm that you really, really, really want to do this (don't do it, please!) - and then you're done. Your profile has been deleted. When you decide to return (and we know that you will return, one day) fellow backpackers will welcome you with open arms, but you will be required to complete a brand new profile. Why, you ask? Because your profile has been deleted from our system, remember?

How do I rate a user?

After you have completed your Bum A Ride journey, you will see a request in your "Completed Trips" tab to "Rate My Ride." You will have the opportunity to leave comments and rate the user/s that you enjoyed your ride with for others to view.
(Note: Once reviews are submitted they can not be altered unless the comments are deemed as inappropriate (advertising), offensive, or unfair to your fellow backpackers).

How do I cancel a trip?

If you want to cancel your trip, log in and click "My Trips" under your profile page. You will see two tabs labeled "As a Driver" and "As a Passenger." Depending on whether you are the driver or rider for the specific scheduled trip, click on the "Upcoming Trips" tab and locate your itinerary. Click on "Ride Details" and then click "Cancel." Both you and your fellow adventurer will receive email confirmations that the scheduled trip has been canceled.

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